For 10 years I have observed the people around me in their daily life in order to study the expression of movement in painting, more particularly the link between emotions and bodily movements.The old theories about figurative representation are unanimous: the object of painting is the human being and the painter, from the myths that relate the creation of painting and more generally of the plastic arts (sculpture and modeling), are must represent living things in all their aspects, exterior and interior; in other words, the human body appears to be the most effective means of
expressing and transmitting the emotions which animate it, through the movements or attitudes that the body adopts or even facial expressions. This applies to the expression of intense or altered emotional states. To better understand these phenomena, we must turn to the concept of the soul
which is conceived as the seat of feelings but also as a breath that enters and leaves the body. This is a primordial notion for grasping the nature of the movements that animate the figured characters.

I made many small-format sketches of life scenes, moments and people. Thus, his studies gave birth to
large-format paintings where the characters are represented in their real sizes. I invest my whole body
and release all my energy so that the line is expressed in all the force of the creative gesture. I break down the movements of the characters and recompose them on my supports to let their sensitivity and their weaknesses show through. By exhibiting them in other contexts, I highlight their strengths and qualities that are often characterized by doubt and uncertainty. Through their expressions and body languages, they transmit an emotion. My works represent the gesture and all the visible traces of a manifestation of the psyche in the individuals that I meet. My work consists of investing space by reintroducing individuals into everyday space. Through their expressions and body languages, they transmit an emotion.
« My project is to bring our walls to life and to inhabit our interiors with sensitive and anonymous souls. »